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18" Confetti Shooter
18' Confetti Shooter

18" Confetti Shooter

Part Number:0DP18CS


These 18" Confetti Shooters will catch all of your guests wonder and provide stunning visual effects for photo ops. 

These are designed to be loaded into a Co2 launcher.

Packed full of excitement for your ribbon cutting or grand opening.

These confetti shooters bring delight to your event, but you’ll still need a few additional components before you’re ready:

A Co2 Launcher
Compression Caps
Compression Tape
Co2 (Our Master Blaster, Mega Blaster, X-6 Launcher and 9 Barrel POD required 16 gram threaded Co2 per shot)
Co2 (Our Quarter Turn Launcher requires a 12 gram threaded Co2 cylinder)

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