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Add More WOW to Your Event!

Posted by Kimberly Baeth on 12/18/2015 to Blog Posts
Add More WOW to Your Event!
Guests come to an event with a certain set of expectations. Your job as host isn’t just to meet those expectations. Your job is to go above and beyond. Add an element of surprise. One of the most effective ways of keeping your guests excited is by injecting a little surprise before, during and after your event. Here are 3 ideas for your next company event. 1.) Have your staff add entertainment value for your guests. Have catering staff break out into song and dance while they’re serving, or dress your staff up in outfits relating to your theme. People remember the things they didn’t see coming. We all wore pajamas to a morning mingle held at our office and handed out slippers for everyone to wear. Guest felt welcome and comfortable. 2.)Hold a raffle or a contest and hide the prizes in different locations at the venue. Have the guests located by those prizes hold them up when you announce one. Go the extra mile by giving extra freebies to the guests who held up the prizes. This will make your entire audience feel like a winner. 3.)Book a surprise guest. You can get as creative as you want with this. For example: At a Grand Opening of a new vet center, we unleashed 10 puppies into the room. Another NY themed event we hosted featured a live mannequin, as the Statue of Liberty. She didn't move for hours. Guests couldn't tell if it was real or fake the entire time. It was the talk of the party and a great opportunity for photos and social media sharing.
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