Announcing Our New and Improved Mission Statement!

Our “one-stop-shop” serving all of your ceremonial and event needs is a big deal! We are proud of our newly revised mission statement and are excited to share it with you. If we could do a ribbon cutting to unveil it you know we would and it would be the talk of the town, with fireworks and a community fundraiser too. Enjoy!

Our Mission

To help the world create unforgettable ceremonial events through unique, customized products, (one of a kind/incomparable) creativity and world class customer service.

To further clarify that mission, we believe our customers can save more time and money if – after carefully shopping around and comparing choices – they bring all their event needs to one trusted partner.

Our Vision

Throughout this mission we realized we are not in the product business; we are in the business of experience. In order to continue to fulfill our mission we are now working towards capturing our vision of being the grand opening, ribbon cutting and ground breaking experts of the world.

Our Values

We’ve adopted 10 core values that we use to guide decisions for moving our company forward. We live out these values every day. By doing so, we position our company for long term success:

1.       110% commitment to our customers

2.       Integrity

3.       Adopt the relentless work ethic our grandparents had

4.       Be passionate, enthusiastic and determined

5.       Embrace change

6.       Don’t be afraid to try new ideas

7.       Commit to the community

8.       Invest in the best team

9.       Pursue meaningful, long term relationships with our employees, customers and partners

10.   Do more with less


"Yes, We Can"