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Balloons Add More FUN to Your Event

Posted by Kimberly Baeth on 11/20/2015 to Blog Posts
Balloons Add More FUN to Your Event

If you want to take an ordinary event and add a little fun, balloons are a quick way to add an element of excitement. It is a proven fact that they draw attention to your event, too. Just look at the before and after photos in our flyers, and see for yourself.

You can have balloons made with your custom logo in latex (which stay up for a day or two) or Mylar - that last for weeks and weeks. And did you know that Mylar Balloons can be re inflated? That's correct.

Balloons can be filled with helium or air, depending on what you are trying to build, your budget and goals. There are arches, balloon walls with logos, exploding balloons, glow in the dark balloons, sculptures and more. There are also 3 to 8 foot foot cloud buster balloons that can fly 100 feet in the air to help guide people to your event. If you want to go really big, we also install the giant cold air balloons on your rooftop. Just give us a call and we will add some fun to your next event. 1-800-378-3630

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