Announcing your new business, building, or expansion is one of the most important and exciting times for your business. With all the constantly moving pieces happening with your new development, you don’t want to minimize the importance of your Groundbreaking Ceremony.

Planning a groundbreaking ceremony can be stressful, and that’s why Golden Openings is here to help. From press and decorations to hard hats and shovels, we can help you plan every aspect.

Going through the thousands of products we offer all at once could be daunting, so today let’s focus on the most important part of your groundbreaking event, the ceremonial shovel. 
Picking the perfect shovels for your event varies from company to company. Some of the things to think about before selecting your shovels:

What is your “Groundbreaking Budget”?
What shovel handle style do you prefer? D-Handle or Straight Handle?
Company Colors and Logo Guidelines.
Custom Painted Shovel Blade (Digging Part) or Chrome/Gold Plated Shovel Blade
Customizing the Shovel with Company Logo or Saying

Keep these thoughts in mind as we break down our shovels to help you determine which style is perfect for your big day.

Show Stopping Chrome Ceremonial Shovels – 

These high-quality shovels have a beautiful mirrored-finish-like shine which will bring an elegant feel to your groundbreaking ceremony. 

Available in both Regular and Flat Ceremonial Shovels. 

These shovels can be customized from the handle all the way to the blade.

Most customization is embedding the handle and stem, while vinyl decal logos are preferred over engravings for the blade. Decals will show up better in pictures and will last longer than engraving.

For embedding on the shovel blade, we recommend using the flat style blade.

These shovels come with a D-Handle but can be switched out for a long handle, for an additional cost.

Show Stopping Gold Ceremonial Shovels – 

These pristine hand gold plated shovels will help make your groundbreaking feel of utmost importance.

Like the Show Stopping Chrome Shovels, customization can be added. You can add a decal or engraving on the digging portion, branded words or logo lasered into the handle or an engraved gold plate attached to the handle or stem. Choose one, two, or all three of these options for your customized shovels. Customizing the gold/chrome shovels with a wrap of your company color and logo is also available.

The shovels come in both regular and flat styles, as well as d-handle and straight long handle.

Custom Painted D-Handled Shovels – 
If you are looking to bring color to your groundbreaking, then these are the shovels for you. 

Our Custom Painted D-Handled Shovels can be painted to match your company logo or colors.

The painting of the blade is covered with the starting price of the shovel, though the stem and handle can also be painted any color of your choosing. 

Along with custom painted blade, you can continue the customization by adding a vinyl decal to the blade, with branding into the handle, or adding a gold or chrome engraved plate to the handle.

Also available in Custom Gold or Silver Painted Options.

Painted Straight Handle Shovels –
Like the custom painted shovel, but just don’t like the D-Handle look? No worries. 

Our Painted Straight Handle Shovels may no longer have a handle, but it still has all of the customizations our other painted shovels have. 

We can put a full-color logo on the digging portion of the shovel, brand into the stem, or add a gold or chrome engraved plate to the stem.

Price includes painting the blade, though you can paint the entire shovel all the way up.

These shovels also look perfect with our pull bows.

If you are looking for something a bit more unique, we also produce these styles.

Vinyl Wrapped Ceremonial Shovels – 
The Original idea and design by Golden Openings (patent pending), our Vinyl Wrapped Ceremonial Shovels are truly one of a kind. 

The vinyl wrapping is completely customizable to your specifications and is more precise than painting stems & handles, giving you the cleanest design

The shovel blades can be our show stopping gold, chrome, custom painted, or square shaped.

Ceremonial Baseball Bat Handle Shovels –
These Ceremonial Baseball Bat Handle Shovels are easily our must unique ceremonial shovels. Perfect for any baseball/softball team or sports enthusiast. 

Our show-stopping chrome-plated shovel spade is manufactured and attached to an authentic 34" wood baseball bat for the handle.

You can customize the baseball bat portion with engraving, a vinyl decal, or painting the bat.

Ceremonial Paddle (Oar) Shovels – 
The Paddle (Oar Shovel) is ideal for any groundbreaking event being held for piers, lakes, boating, or naval ceremonies.

The blade is available in both gold or silver finishing.

The standard oar shovel size is 38”, though a 41 3/8” oar shovel is available as well.

If an "open waters" theme is what you are looking for, these go perfect with our nautical stanchions.

Custom Painted Small D Handle Shovels – 
These Small D Handle Shovels are a miniature version of our Custom Painted D-Handle Shovels.

This is a must for letting the kids join in on the celebration.

Perfect for an elementary school groundbreaking.

Though it’s a smaller version of the regular shovels, all the customization is still available.

Ceremonial Square Painted Shovels – 

The major difference between these shovels and our other custom painted shovels is the square faced blade that has a wider area for your logo.

Available in both straight and d-handle styles.

Ash Wood Stainless Steel Shovels – 
These Ash Wood Stainless Steel Shovels has a very uncommon look that will make your groundbreaking memorable.

The stainless-steel shovel has a blade that is rectangular shaped, and a stem made from ash wood.

Hopefully, this list has helped you figure out what kind of shovel is ideal for your one-of-a-kind groundbreaking ceremony. To view our whole selection of shovels and other groundbreaking items, click here.

If you still can’t decide or you have more questions, contact us at [email protected] and we will work with you to pick out the perfect shovel and anything else you want for your special day.

*When you purchase any items that are customized, we will send a pdf proof to your email for approval before printing. Revisions can be made. Once you love it, we will require your signature agreeing to our policy that custom items may not be returned. Thank you*