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Cloudbuster Giant Balloon - 5 Foot (60 inch)
Cloudbuster Giant Balloon - 5 Foot (60 inch)

Cloudbuster Giant Balloon - 5 Foot (60 inch)

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Our 5 foot (60 inch) Cloudbuster Giant Balloon will make your event truly memorable.

Our Cloudbuster Balloons are perfect for your big sale, grand opening, or any other event.

The raw latex materials used in producing these balloons help withstand the sun's ultraviolet rays, while the slender neck makes inflation easy.

Special Notes: Average flying time is 2-5 days, which is a conservative estimate. Actual flying time will vary depending on inflation size, temperature, and atmospheric conditions. Cloudbuster balloons should be brought in during the evening and bad weather including rain and wind.

*If you are doing helium balloons outside, preinflate the balloons with an air pump with air first and let it all out. You don't want to waste helium. And you can do this in advance of the event. It is a good thing to do this will all size balloons outdoors. We prefer to do this for 30" or greater balloon indoor work also but don't always have the time. It pre-stretches the balloon and if it bursts you haven't lost all that helium. You can’t control what a latex balloon will do, ever.
The longer the air stays in it, the better. Let it sit overnight with a clothes pin to hold it tight. Fill with helium and tie in a knot the next morning when you are ready to install outdoors.*

We will beat or match any price!

For more information please call 1-800-378-3630 or email [email protected]

*These cloudbuster balloons float higher and longer than our 3 foot cloudbuster ballons*
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