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Coronavirus - COVID -19 - Update

To our global customers and partners,

We care about everyone that we work with around the world.  We are aware of concerns centering around the COVID-19 virus and how they may be affecting your operations.  COVID-19 has substantially changed the business landscape and will have a material impact on your event needs.  We want to reassure you that the health and well-being of both our employees and those we do business with are of utmost importance to us.

We expect that there are going to be substantial and widespread event postponements in the coming weeks and months. For events that will continue, Golden Openings along with recommendations by the World Health Organization (WHO), has outlined a series of pragmatic and practical actions designed to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. They will be implemented worldwide at all Golden Openings events beginning immediately and will continue as necessary.

We recognize that this is a challenging time and we are ready to serve our customers around the globe.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a public health emergency of international concern as it relates to the COVID-19. In response, and to prevent the virus from spreading further, governments around the world are taking a wide set of measures, including limitations on gatherings, events, and school activities, as well as travel and entry restrictions.

We are monitoring the situation with public health officials to follow and implement measures dictated by health agencies and governments. We will continue to take appropriate actions on an event-by-event basis, following the decisions made by these respective authorities and agencies.

Additional information will be shared with our partners and clients as appropriate and will be made available on event pages and social media accounts. We ask you to stay updated with respect to the impact of the outbreak in your location, follow governmental and agency recommendations to minimize risk, and follow any potential restrictions put in place. Anyone traveling should make themselves familiar with respective national and world health organization updates in those locations as well as travel policies from airlines and hotels.

Bringing the heart of the ceremonial and event industry where our grand openings, ribbon cuttings, groundbreakings, and special events bring thousands together across the world, every day, we certainly understand the cancellations and disappointment we are all feeling but rest assured we are putting our customers first. Refunds and credits are being allowed, based on the individual orders and timelines. We will work with you and appreciate your business.

We all need to focus on survival and helping others during the coronavirus pandemic, but your long-term goals shouldn't be set aside. The strategy will be dictated by whatever is necessary to keep afloat until the crisis abates.

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