With the world starting to re-open and COVID-19 still a fear for many, logoed masks are starting to be the new norm. We expect these will be seen just as often as company-branded uniforms and apparel in the next few months. 

Golden Openings has several suppliers manufacturing masks made of materials ranging from cloth to disposable cardboard for professional baseball teams, fortune 500 companies, zoos, and fitness clubs. When you walk in a grocery store you might be handed a disposable mask that you wear in the store and simply throw away when you are finished.

Even the smallest company should display their logo on their employees’ masks. Whether the logo is boldly displayed across the entire mask or discretely embroidered on the side, logos allow your customers to quickly identify your staff from a distance and present a professional and calming appearance. 

At Golden Openings, Inc. we believe that a logo prominently displayed on your employees’ masks can have several advantages. Almost all companies from popular restaurants, coffee shops, retail outlets, and lawn service companies are having their company logos branded on masks for their employees. This is for safety, brand awareness, and marketing. Having your company logo and information on decorated apparel is the same as having dozens of walking billboards.

There are several reasons why companies believe that logo wear benefits employees as well; some of them are listed below:

Team Building- This creates a feeling of trust between the employees and customers. Some people are not comfortable approaching others in the office if they are not wearing a mask. It also gives your employees a certain level of authority and level of competence with the customers. Customers and clients are more comfortable approaching people who are singled out as belonging to a company and dress the part. Everyone will also look alike in photos for social media. For example – Our GOOGLE MASKS

Inspires Loyalty – Another bonus of having corporate masks is the effect it has on your employees. If you have cultivated your brand properly and ensured that the design is a good representation of your company, your employees will wear them with pride.  They will also feel safer at work. Having corporate emblems on masks inspires a sense of belonging and unity amongst your employees and even fans. For example  - TEAM LOGO Masks

Holds Employees Accountable – Wearing the company’s brand name or logo places a responsibility on your employees. They are representatives of the brand and their behavior reflects on the brand. With their logo prominently displayed on their masks, they are conscious of how they appear in public. Corporate apparel reflects well on your company’s customer service, whether it be a collared shirt, jacket, or a mask.

Allows easy interactions with customers – It is easy to identify an employee when they are wearing your logo mask. Customers can spot them quickly and ask for help whenever needed. When customers readily recognize the employees as a part of your company, they are more comfortable talking with them. Hopefully the can talk loud enough while wearing the masks. 

Promotes Unity and Equality –If everyone from the top to the bottom of the corporate ladder is wearing the same custom mask, it seems like all are on an equal footing. Employees are part of the larger picture where all are part of an organization and working towards a similar goal, dressed alike. The culture is the same. 

We are here to help you find the best mask that fits your needs and budget with a quick turnaround. We offer complimentary proofs and quotes. Let us know what you are looking for.

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