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Find answers to the most popular questions we hear at Golden Openings, Inc.  If you do not see the answer to your questions on this page, please contact us by e-mail - or call 1-800-378-3630. We are here for you!

Are we able to see the proof of our logo/image before it is printed?

We do proof approval before we print anything.

 I'm not sure what to select for customization... What is vinyl decal?

A vinyl decal is a vinyl sticker produced with a vinyl cutting machine with an adhesive backing.

Do you offer overnight or express shipping?

Yes, we would be happy to send your order overnight but keep in mind not every product qualifies for overnight shipping. It is possible to get an order next day if placed by 5:30 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Thursday. Orders placed on Friday for Saturday delivery arrival are special requests and incur a higher shipping rate, but we are happy to do this for you! For Friday overnight shipping requests, please reach out to a company representative. Please see our shipping page for more details on our different options.
Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

Yes, but not all products can be delivered to P.O. boxes due to weight and volume. Contact us for more details.
Can I pick up my items at your physical location?

Absolutely! A majority of our products ship out of our Global Headquarters. 2743 99
th Street, Urbandale, IA  50322. However, some larger items are located at our warehouse 1200 SW Brookside Circle, Grimes, IA, 50111 We would be happy to assist you at our office or our warehouse, call first to determine where your items are located. 1-800-378-3630.
Do all items ship from Iowa?

Most items ship from our international headquarters in Urbandale IA, however, you might see shipping coming from our franchise stores in PA, IN, CA, NY and MN. Please ask your sales representative where it will be shipping from before you use our shipping map.
Can you ship to multiple addresses?

Yes, one way to do this is to place separate orders for each address. You may also call or write us, and we can organize the orders for you. For example, we have several franchises that order kits every day that ship to multiple locations. We love doing this for our customers and money can be saved ordering this way.
 When do orders ship?

Non-custom orders typically ship on the day the order is placed if placed before 5 pm central standard time. Custom orders may take 3-7 business days to complete production time before shipping. Please always ask your sales representative for expedited shipping or rush production on your item. We work off of YOUR timeline and event needs and do our best to meet your in hands date with the best price possible.
Can I use my own shipping account?

Yes, that is always an option. We can ship via Fed Ex, UPS, DHL, or Post Office. If you choose to use your own shipping account, please contact a sales representative directly to quote your order. There will be a $10 fee to the account for packaging and pick up.
Do you ship Freight?

Yes, no problem and we do this quite often.
Do you ship out of the country?

Yes, almost every day! We ship WORLDWIDE. Please email our sales team with your full shipping address to get a free shipping quote.
Do you offer overnight or express shipping?

Yes. Many of our last minute orders must ship this way, even if we rush production. We offer guaranteed express shipping on any item via UPS, FED EX, or POST OFFICE EXPRESS. We will look to find the best rate for you.
How do I know how much my product will cost to ship?

Shipping calculations on the website are estimates and most of the time, correct. However, in rare cases, actual shipping costs can differ (usually related to international or rush orders). If this situation arises, we will contact you immediately and work with you directly to identify the costs and confirm the order based on the location and items.
Do you charge for shipping?

Unless otherwise specified, shipping rates will be charged upon checkout. You will have a chance to see the shipping rates and the estimated arrival times before completing your order. You can always contact us for more information.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we accept Purchase Orders. Without a Purchase Order, for first-time customers wanting to pay by check, we request a credit card number to keep on file until the first check payment is received. The credit card will not be charged as long as we receive the check within the Net terms specified to you by your customer service representative.


What is the difference between Mylar (Foil) and Latex balloons?


Mylar (Foil) –


Non-Porous – Foil balloons are advantageous because they are non-porous, so they stay filled with helium for a lot longer than latex balloons. Some will last two to three weeks. You can also refill them and use them again and again.

Elaborate image Printing
 – They can have more elaborate images printed on them and they can come in different shapes and sizes.

Long Lasting
 – Another advantage is that they will last a lot longer than a latex balloon. Latex balloons can hold their helium for 12-24 hours, but a foil type of balloon will hold it for up to two or three weeks!

 – Mylar balloons are self-sealing.

Decorate ahead of time 
– As foil balloons are longer lasting this means that you can use them to decorate an event ahead of time, so you don’t have to worry about them deflating.

More Expensive
 – Of course, the disadvantage is that this type of balloon is much more expensive than latex – so if you are on a tight budget you may have to alter the required

Latex Balloons

Less Expensive 
– One of the major perks of using latex balloons is that they are less expensive than foil balloons. This means that you will get a lot more balloons for your money, which is great if you are decorating on a budget.

Latex balloons are more versatile than foil balloons
 – They can be filled with water, helium, and air.

Slightly porous
 – One of the disadvantages of latex balloons is that they are slightly porous, which means that it is easier for the helium or the air to seep out over time.

 – Can be imprinted front or back and available in several sizes from 5 inches to 8 foot.

Not self-sealing
 – You must tie latex balloons in a knot to avoid air or helium from leaking out or purchase a plastic sealer.


If I order balloons will they come inflated?

Mylar and Latex balloons are shipped in a package, flat, when ordered from our website. If you plan to set up your own event, we can ship our lightweight and a portable helium tank, with your order. We can also provide a quote for balloons, balloon arches, balloon characters, clowns, balloon animals, balloon logo walls and even large advertising balloons and more to be filled with air or helium, delivered and set up at any location with one of our world-wide certified balloon artists.  Call or write us to make this happen.


How long will balloons float with Helium?

12" latex balloons will float for 15-20 hours or 3-5 days when treated with Hi-Float. Mylar balloons will float for up to one week.

Can I customize my order?

Yes, customers may create their own bouquet from a large selection of individual balloons.

Imprinted – Can be imprinted and printed on the front and back in several sizes. 

What is Hi-Float?

Hi-Float is a liquid sealant which coats the interior surface of latex balloons and reduces the speed at which helium escapes through the latex pores. When applied to balloons to be used indoors, it can increase the float time by several days. Hi-Float is non-toxic and water soluble.

What is your float time guarantee?

We guarantee a float time of 2 days for all latex and mylar balloons used indoors. There is no warranty for balloons used outdoors.

How can I prevent balloons from popping?

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, sharp or hot objects, and tiled ceilings. Before releasing a group of balloons to float on the ceiling, release two or three as a test. 

If I blow up a balloon with my mouth, will it float?



How much helium do I need to buy?

Know exactly how many balloons can be filled with different helium cylinders each and every time with this quick and easy guide from Golden Openings, Inc. The following chart breaks down nearly a dozen different sizes of helium cylinders. For each size tank, we tell you how many balloons you can fill for each size of the balloon, from 9-inch latex to 18-inch foil/mylar balloons. Also provided is the volume of helium that should be used for each size and type of balloon, all the way up to massive 40-inch latex balloons.

Helium cylinders & balloon capacity: A quick & easy guide

How do I fill up helium balloons for outside use?

If you are doing helium balloons outside, preinflate the balloons with an air pump with air first and let it all out. You don't want to waste helium. And you can do this in advance of the event. It is a good thing to do this will all size balloons outdoors. We prefer to do this for 30" or greater balloon indoor work also but don't always have the time. It pre-stretches the balloon and if it bursts you haven't lost all that helium. You can’t control what a latex balloon will do, ever.

The longer the air stays in it, the better. Let it sit overnight with a clothes pin to hold it tight. Fill with helium and tie in a knot the next morning when you are ready to install outdoors.


Are we able to use our own fabric?

Yes but best and much less expensive if you don’t.

What is the standard thickness of your ropes?

Usually around 5 to 6 inches thick.

Is it possible to customize the length and diameter of the rope? What are the max length and max dia we can do?

Length yes, diameter no. Usually, it is between 5 and 6 inches around. So about 2.5 or 3 inches across the top of the rope, if that makes sense give or take the thickness of the material used. (leather vs velvet vs nylon,etc.)

What are the different end cap options? Can they be painted or powder coated? 

Yes, matte or shiny – any color. Gold and chrome post popular.

What is the price per linear foot if we use our own fabric? 

Not recommended. It will cost a lot to ship to them and ship back. We have these finished in our Pakistan warehouse and best price guarantee!

What is the price per linear foot if we use your material?

$95* for 8 yards. That is the most common length. ( *$3.95 per foot)

What is the Lead time for customized ropes (if we use our own fabric)?

Should not do this but 2 months. 30 days we use our fabric.

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