Every February, we raise awareness of the severity of health complications due to heart disease.

Did you know that every year, 1 in 4 deaths in the United States is attributed to heart disease?

The three biggest heart diseases are cardiac arrest, stroke, and heart attack. Here are the symptoms to look out for.

Cardiac Arrest:

  • Sudden Loss of Responsiveness
    • No response to tapping on shoulders
    • No response to asking if he is or she is okay at a level loud enough for them to hear

  • If the person does not move, speak, or blink

  • No Normal Breathing
    • Gasping for air.
    • The victim does not take a normal breath when you tilt the head up and check for AT LEAST five seconds.

  • Act F.A.S.T.
    • F – FACE: Does one side of the victims face droop when you ask them to smile?
    • A – ARMS: Ask the victim to raise both arms. Does one arm drift downward?
    • S – SPEECH: Ask the person to repeat a simple phrase. Is the speech slurred?
    • T – TIME: If you observe any of these signs, it is time to call 9-1-1
  • Sudden Confusion or Trouble Understanding Speech
  • Sudden Numbness or Weakness, Especially On One Side
  • Sudden Trouble Seeing in One or Both Eyes

  • Sudden Trouble Walking or Loss of Balance

Heart Attack:

  • Chest Discomfort
    • Pains in the center of the chest that lasts more than a few minutes or goes away and comes back
  • Discomfort In Other Areas of the Upper Body
  • Discomfort in arms, back, neck, jaw, or stomach

  • Shortness of Breath

  • Cold Sweat

  • Nausea

  • Lightheadedness
If someone you love is having any of these symptoms, call 911 or your emergency response number.

Prevention of these diseases starts with healthy living. Encourage family members, and yourself, to start with small changes. Use other spices instead of salt for flavoring food, making time daily for physical activity, and getting enough sleep.

To show your support during American Heart Month, wear red on February 1st for Go Red for Women Day.

You can also show your support all month long with our Red Awareness Ribbons and Pins.