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Grand Opening 3 foot (36 inch) Latex Balloons
Grand Opening 3 foot (36 inch) Latex Balloons

Grand Opening 3 foot (36 inch) Latex Balloons

Part Number:1PB3G


Over-sized 3 foot balloons with GRAND OPENING imprinted on each one.

These giant balloons are high quality, latex balloons from Qualatex. 3-foot diameter.

Helpful Hints for Inflating Jumbo Balloons. 1. Before filling balloons, you must put on proper eye protection, such as glasses or goggles, and proper ear protection ,such as ear plugs or ear muffs, to protect against accidental breakage.

2. Make sure you have enough helium to inflate this balloon. You will need at least 113 cubic feet of helium.

3. Consider the inflation area. Ideally, inflate balloons in the area in which they will be used. Remember that a fully inflated, Jumbo Balloon will not fit through standard-sized doors. Make sure the inflation area is large enough to accommodate the balloon and is clear of sharp objects.

4. Consider inflating with an assistant. Because of the size of the balloon, it will be difficult to determine by yourself how close you are to full inflation size. If another person is not available, establish benchmarks in the room that will help you determine the inflation size.

5. If buying a 6 foot balloon, it should be noted that the balloon will fill to a full 6 foot diameter but it is not recommended to fill any larger than that. It should also be noted that helium with expand as the temperature goes up. To guard against premature rupture on days when you expect a large temperature change going from cold to warm it is recommended that you fill balloons to 70-80% of capacity to allow for expansion.

6. Position the balloon neck to cover the regulator nozzle, and maintain a tight grip while inflating.

7. For best results, When using Jumbo Balloons also purchase and use one of our attractive pennants to display the balloon. First take end of pennant and make a loop on end of pennant string in about a 3 inch diameter with a strong knot then fill balloon to desired size and loop fill nozzle of balloon through pennant loop, then twist both balloon and balloon nozzle a few turns to cut off flow then use a cable tie which may or may not be included with the balloon to tie off balloon above pennant loop.

We have had several customers who have told us they were able to prolong the life of their jumbo balloon by bringing it down each night and putting it inside tied to the floor while filled with helium so the balloon was not up against the ceiling and then in the morning taking off the cable tie making sure no helium escapes and then topping off the balloon following the directions above (since latex is a permeable membrane you will loose helium daily) and then closing off the balloon with a new cable tie. No claim can be made as to how long these balloons may last but the better care you take of them the longer they may last.

We will beat or match any prices, just ask. 515-986-2154 or email [email protected]

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