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Helium Tank
Helium Tank

Helium Tank

Part Number:0PBHT


This 14.9 cu ft helium tank is easy-to-use and allows you to fill up your balloons anytime, anywhere. Both portable and lightweight, this tank contains enough helium to blow up approximately 27 11" latex balloon or 27 18" mylar balloons.

Is this tank refillable? Balloon Time tanks cannot be refilled. These tanks are designed to be non-refillable, allowing consumers the convenience of being lightweight and easy to handle.

Disposal : Take the tank to a recycling centre. Release all unused gas before disposal. If your recycling centre won't take the tank, contact a local metal recycler to collect the tank instead. If you use a recycling pick-up service, place your empty helium tank in the recycling bin. 

How do you store helium tanks? Store helium tanks upright at temperatures below 125 degrees F (52 degrees C). The storage area should be secure, ventilated, and able to protect the tanks from sunlight and the weather. Secure tanks with chain, ropes, or straps so they do not fall. Avoid blocking emergency exits and traffic areas.

Can helium tank explode? Do NOT drop the tank on sharp or pointed objects. Do NOT use the tank near high-voltage power cables or during a thunderstorm. Incorrect use or misuse of the tank can cause the tank to crack or explode releasing helium. This can cause serious harm or even death.

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