Make History with Your Grand Opening

At Golden Openings, we didn’t necessarily invent the Ribbon Cutting or the Grand Opening, but we certainly made them come to life! These meaningful marks in time have been happening for centuries. Surprisingly, before we started our business you couldn’t find any of the ceremonial supplies to accomplish your goals at your event. Since our grand opening in 1997, we have helped millions of business owners around the world get out of the starting gate in style and make history with their business and event.

Golden Openings wants your ribbon cutting to make an impact in the community. It is important that you have a custom ceremonial ribbon that says the name of your business or organization for your grand opening photo. And, of course, real working ceremonial scissors - that cut! Add some big bows and quality products that say "WOW" when people see them.

We invite members of the media to photograph or broadcast the staged event and lots of photos will be taken. Those are the photos that will be circulated around social media and in cyberspace for years to come. Your grand opening photo is the photo that chambers and cities will share and you will mount on your wall at your office. The scissors used in a ribbon cutting ceremony are frequently preserved by the institution as a keepsake.

What will people say about your ribbon cutting 90 years from now? If you don’t think history will remember your >ribbon cutting or grand opening, then check this article out:

Eileen was 5 years old in 1923 when dignitaries picked her out of the crowd to cut the ribbon for the Memorial Bridge. Now 90 years later at 95 years old, she was chosen to cut the ribbon again for the Memorial Bridge. As you can tell by this photo, they are celebrating a bridge cutting. It would have been even better if the name of the bridge and date was on the ribbon! When they did it the second time around, they did use custom ribbon and scissors by Golden Openings, so everything is showcased quite nicely.

Here is a video of the 2nd event. Enjoy!

Golden Openings helps you celebrate your experience by providing the highest quality ceremonial supplies for Ribbon Cuttings, Grand Openings, Ground Breakings and other business milestones. We also offer ongoing expertise, consulting and guidance to promote your organization through branded specialty products. Write us at [email protected] or call 1-800-378-3630 for more information and advice with your next big event!