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Mega Blaster Confetti Launcher
Mega Blaster Confetti Launcher

Mega Blaster Confetti Launcher

Part Number:0DPMBCL


Put the Awe in Awesome with this Mega Blaster Confetti Launcher.

The hand held Co2 Launcher is designed to use 2" poly bags of products that blasts confetti products into the air. 

 The Launcher has a 2" Barrel & Trigger.

Besides confetti, this launcher shoots items like stress balls, stuffed animals, and even hot dogs.

This launcher requires lifting foam and a compression cap to really make the products fly high into the air at your grand opening, ribbon cutting, or any other event.

2 1/4" Compression Cap
Compression Tape
16-gram Co2 Cylinders
2" Lifting Foam
2" poly bag of Flutter FETTI
2" poly bag of Die Cut products
2" poly bag filled with Tissue or Metallic Streamers

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