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Open House 3 foot (36 inch) Latex Balloon

Open House 3 foot (36 inch) Latex Balloon

Part Number:1PB3OL


Make your open house event inviting with these oversized 3 foot balloons. 

Each balloon has "OPEN HOUSE" printed on them and are made of high quality latex balloons. 

Before inflating these balloons, make sure you have on proper protective eye wear (googles or  glasses) and ear wear (plugs or muffs). 

Also, double-check the amount of helium needed for the amount of balloons you ordered. 

Inflate balloons where they will be used, these balloons will not fit through standard-size doors. 

Establish benchmarks to make sure you don't over inflate, or have someone assist you. 

For additional information or help with balloons, contact 1-800-378-3630 or [email protected]

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