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Reenergizing Your Business Guide Book
Reenergizing Your Business Guide Book

Reenergizing Your Business Guide Book

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Golden Openings is proud to present a formal book that guides you through re-opening and reenergizing your business during the pandemic.

A re-opening showcases a business which opens again after being closed for a period of time or undergoes significant change. This can occur when a business is renovated, moved, changes its name, merges with another company, undergoes a natural disaster, or most likely in your case, is impacted by a global deadly virus. Whether you partially or fully shut down, or experienced significant decrease in traffic, a re-opening is a great opportunity to invigorate and energize your business.

This book guides you through the important steps to take to reenergize your business including:

  • Protecting Your Employees and Customers
  • Preparing Your Physical Site for Business
  • Reconnecting with Your Customers and Community
  • Maximizing Your Digital Marketing
  • Growing Your Business - A Focus on the Future
These are just a few of the many topics that new business owners and event planners have as they prepare for a Re-opening. If you have similar questions - now you can put your mind at ease. We have your answers.

This book is your guide to the planning and execution of your re-opening. It takes you on a simple path of strategic choices and provides examples and proven methods that will help you have success and increase sales.

Click here for the: Table of Contents.

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