Groundbreaking Ceremonies with ceremonial shovels have been a staple in the business world for as long as we can remember. Many anthropologists and archeologists believe these ceremonies have been around in one way or another since the dawn of time. 

While groundbreakings have evolved over time, rarely is there a new twist that starts a major trend. However, over the last few years we have seen people want a hard hitting, impactful breaking at their event, symbolizing the break away from the norm and embracing change. That’s where this new twist comes into play, a Sledgehammer Ceremony. 

What is a Sledgehammer Ceremony? 

This is a twist on a Groundbreaking Ceremony if a current building is being demolished and a new one is going to be built in its place. A demolition ceremony marks the beginning of a new era for a company.

The president and staff can wear a hard hat, safety goggles and/or construction vest while using a sledgehammer to swing an old or prop wall, bricks, mortar or sheetrock inside, for photo opportunities.

While the image of a sledgehammer going through something sounds exhilarating, you may think that the hammer itself would leave your attendees wanting a little more. Golden Openings can help you create WOW factors and help you enhance all of your ceremonial and event needs.

Our Sledgehammers weight 8 lbs. and measure 36 inches in length. These hammers are heavy-duty and have a head that is made of steel. We can give the hammerhead a gold, silver, or custom color finish that goes with your company or event’s colors and even add a decal to the head. We also can engrave or add a plate to the handle to add even more pizazz.  
If you think a regular sledgehammer is too big or isn’t ideal for every hammer swinger, we have small sledgehammers that are just as customizable at a fraction of the size and cost. 

These smaller hammers are 15-3/4 inches in overall length and have the same customization features of the full-size sledgehammers. Employees and dignitaries can also be invited to participate with sledgehammers or smaller hammers, too. 
You can take the downsizing of the sledgehammer one step further, with our NEW Ceremonial Mini Sledgehammer. These cute little hammers measure 10-1/2 inches and weigh a mere 2.2 pounds. Customization stays the same as the previous hammers.
A ceremony doesn’t just stop at the swing of the hammer, however. You can send your ceremony attendees home with sledgehammer chocolates, lapel pins, writing pens, foam wavers, or even letter openers. If you’re creative and believe you have an idea for a sledgehammer keepsake, tell us and we will make it happen. 
Here is a fantastic story and an example of a Sledgehammer Ceremony: 
In December, board members, physicians, Mother & Baby Committee members, and CHRISTUS Spohn Associates, along with friends of our healing ministry, came together to take part in a ceremonial demolition at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi – South for the Demo Day Celebration of the Mother and Baby Floor Renovations. Everyone grabbed their safety gear and sledgehammers to help knock down part of the wall of NICU I.

Generous donations were given by Foundations, individuals, and companies, are enabling CHRISTUS Spohn – South to transform its Mother and Baby patient floor into an ultra-modern environment. The new renovations will offer families exceptional facilities that support the overall birth experience as well as the health of both mom and baby.

“Moms can feel very confident that CHRISTUS Spohn – South is prepared to welcome our littlest patients on their biggest day,” said Mark Casanova, President of CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi – South.

Renovations will include a new Home-Away-From-Home Room, expanded and updated nurses’ station, updated family waiting room, 24-bed Level III NICU Units, lactation room, remodeled post-partum patient rooms, physician on-call room, and state-of-the-art- security system.

We look forward to the completion of the project and are thankful for these exciting renovations for future newborns and their families.