In preparing to start your own business or open your doors for the first time, there are literally thousands of details to consider. In all the hustle and bustle one of the most important components, the Grand Opening, is often overlooked or minimized. This event is an extremely important marketing activity for your business. "Your Grand Opening is the only chance to make a 'first impression' on the community, neighbors, future customers, dignitaries, elected officials, social media and for that matter, the entire world." But where do you start?

Here at Golden Openings, we can get you EVERYTHING you need! Ribbon, stanchions, scissors – you name it!

However, today we want to focus on one aspect of the opening and one product - the ceremonial scissors.

Every day we hear people ask “Where in the world do I find those ribbon cutting scissors?”. 

Our ceremonial scissors are as small as 6 inches and as large as 40 inches. But size doesn’t matter, it’s all about what is best for your shining moment.

Are you a fun – whimsical, over the top business? Are you a professional-elegant, smooth and polished type of company? Or would you say your business portrays more of a rustic style?

Whatever type of business you are – we can help you select the perfect scissor for your ribbon cutting. We offer fun custom company colors and logos, breathtaking gold finishes, and even solid oak scissors – Golden Openings makes them all!

We even have plastic scissors that don’t cut for pre-schools, day cares and even prisons.

Let’s break our scissors* into three different categories and show you how easy it can be:

* All scissors can be laser engraved tone on tone, lasered full color or black and white with company logo or text or a full color vinyl decal can be applied. All of our scissors can be RENTED and all of the can be purchased in our BARGAIN WAREHOUSE if they have a blemish or imperfection, just ask!


1)      Giant Scissors – Ranging from 24 inch scissors to 40 inch scissors – Styles

If you’re trying to replicate the grand openings or ribbon cuttings you’ve seen on the silver screen, then these are the scissors for you. From the largest scissors that actually cut to our discount 24 inch scissors, our giant scissors make every grand opening event memorable.


a.       40 inch (Largest Ceremonial Scissors in the World) –

                                                               i.   Customized handles with any color and the blade finish can be stainless steel or gold. Color or Black engraving also available.


b.       3 Foot Large Ceremonial Scissors – Styles

                                                               i.      Vinyl custom logo/text

                                                             ii.      Black engraved logo/text or color engraved logo/text

                                                           iii.      Custom handle color

                                                           iv.      All Chrome or all 24K gold

                                                             v.      Solid Oak Scissors (Rustic) – Add Embedding

                                                           vi.      Economy style also available with interchangeable handles


c.       Giant 25 Inch Ceremonial Scissors – Styles

                                                               i.      Standard – Black, Red, Green, Blue Handles

                                                             ii.      Metallic Brushed Gold Handles Silver Blades

                                                           iii.      Gold Blades/ANY Color Handles

                                                           iv.      Gold Plated Mirror Handle Scissors with Silver Blades

                                                             v.      Gold Plated Scissors with Gold Blades

                                                           vi.      Silver Handles with Silver Blades

                                                          vii.      Custom Painted Color Handle – Any Color

                                                        viii.      Breast Cancer Pink Scissors – Regular Pink or Hot Pink

                                                            ix.      Even Bargain 25 inch Scissors with small blemishes or defects that may not be perfect for resell.

d.       24 inch 2 foot Cheap Giant Scissors - Styles

                                                               i.      Brick Red, Carolina Blue, Black Handles

2)       Medium Scissors – Ranging from 13 inches to 20 inches

If giant scissors are too flashy for your company, but you want something more than your standard scissors, our medium scissors are perfect. The best part is, they are still fully customizable to match your company colors.


a.       20 Inch Ceremonial Scissors – Styles

                                                               i.      Gold Plated Handles – Chrome Mirror Finished Blades

                                                             ii.      Various Handle Colors

                                                           iii.      Bargain 20 inch Scissors


b.       16 Inch Ceremonial Scissors – Styles

                                                               i.     Red Handle – Chrome Mirror Finished blades

c.       15 Inch Ceremonial Scissors – Styles

                                                               i.      Gold Plated Ceremonial Scissors

                                                             ii.      Chrome Plated Ceremonial Scissors

                                                           iii.      Black Ceremonial Scissors


d.       14 inch Ceremonial Scissors – Styles

                                                               i.      Variety of Color Handles


e.       13 inch Ceremonial Scissors – Styles

                                                               i.      Gold Plated Scissors

                                                             ii.      Chrome Plated Scissors

3)       Small Scissors – 6 inches to 12 inches

Small scissors are perfect if you want to get everyone involved in your ribbon cutting event. Each person can have a scissor and cut on the ribbon. That’s hundreds of people coming together to celebrate your company, and remembering it with an amazing keepsake.


a.       12 Inch Ceremonial Scissors – Styles

                                                               i.      Gold Plated Fine Italian Scissors

                                                             ii.      Gold Plated Ceremonial Scissors

                                                           iii.      Chrome Ceremonial Scissors

                                                           iv.      Chrome Scissors with Black Handles

                                                             v.      Nickel Plated Scissors


b.       10.5 inch Ceremonial Scissors - Styles

                                                               i.      Gold Plated or Chrome Plated Handle


c.       10 inch Ceremonial Scissors – Styles

                                                               i.      Gold Plated Scissors

                                                             ii.      Chrome Plated Scissors


d.       9.5 Inch Ceremonial Scissors - Styles

                                                               i.      Gold or Chrome Handle Plated Scissors


e.       8 inch Ceremonial Scissors - styles

                                                               i.      Gold Plated Scissors

                                                             ii.      Chrome plated Scissors


f.        6 inch Ceremonial Scissors – Styles

                                                               i.      Mini Gold Chrome 6 inch Ceremonial Scissors


If you are doing a ribbon cutting somewhere that sharp scissors might NOT be an option, prisons, schools, etc., we even have you covered there! We have custom plastic, mini scissors that really cut, and we have 19 inch plastic scissors that do not cut, but make a good prop. These also make great souvenirs from your event.


As you have seen, there is no limit to what Golden Openings can do for your scissor needs! If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, we custom manufacture all our own items, so it can still be created! We have made unique, custom scissors for numerous customers including Lady Gaga, Disney, and VS PINK, just to name a few! Contact [email protected] or 1-800-378-3630 and we will make it happen!