The Importance of February 22

February 22, a day a few of us in the office were excited about. Why? It’s #NationalMargaritaDay! However, we later learned that this day held more significance for our company than we were aware of; it turns out that it was 20 years ago today that Golden Openings was officially incorporated as a business.


Starting a business is never an easy process, but at least today it can be done with the convenience of the internet. This wasn’t the case in 1997, and that’s what Kimberly remembers most about that day. She alone walked from building to building around the Minnesota Business Complex completing piles of paperwork, giving signature after signature, and paying lots of fees. It was a long day, as the process to starting up a business is extensive (here’s a list of what it takes to start in a business in Minnesota), but of course, it was worth it!


If you were to imagine a February day in Minnesota, you would imagine snow and freezing temperatures, right? That wasn’t the case. On February 22, 1997, Minneapolis, Minnesota was having similar weather to what we are experiencing on February 22, 2017 here in Urbandale, IA – surprisingly warm and sunny (how bizarre is that?)  “It was so much walking, I have no idea how I would’ve been able to do that if it had been blizzarding out,” said Kimberly.


Although it was an exhausting process, the excitement kept Kimberly going and she immediately went to go meet with her very first customer in Maple Grove, Disc Go Round, to plan their grand opening and ribbon cutting. From that day forward, Kimberly’s success continued and Golden Openings has grown into the amazing world-wide company it is today. Now fast forward 20 years later, she and her employees are enjoying a rare, warm February day; the accomplishments of Golden Openings; and let’s be honest, probably a margarita or two.