Holiday office parties are a great way to let your employees, and yourself, unwind from the stresses of work and create a happy work environment. 

If you're looking for more things to do besides just going to dinner, here's a list of 5 ideas that are sure to help make your festivity a success. 

1) Because of competition for employee time, attention, energy, and investment during the December holiday season, some companies schedule a party during another time of year.

Schedule your company's founding party in April, a mid-summer eve in July, or a Halloween party in October. Every business has events and associations in its history that employees may want to celebrate with an office party.

Outside of the December holiday season, venues are available and less expensive. Food, dress, decorations, and drinks can be less ambitious and more casual and fun. Run wild with your imagination. 

2) Host an In-office Olympics with fun games, awards, and prizes. For example – Office chair race, bowling, drop the M&M in a cup from a ladder, just to name a few. 

3) Employees may enjoy celebrating the holiday season with a potluck lunch at work. If you don't do these too often, and you alternate them with company-supplied, catered feasts, employees enjoy showing off their culinary skills. Post a sign-up list online or in the lunch room, so employees bring a variety of foods to share.

A potluck lunch is a festive occasion, especially when you combine the potluck with any of these other alternatives to the office party, including Secret Santa and Ugly Holiday Sweater Day.

4) A corporate bowling party can be the perfect event for your employees. Corporate social gatherings provide an opportunity to reward employees for their hard work and boost company morale outside of the office. However, don't focus only on who makes the most strikes or what team plays in a particular lane. Create a festive event featuring decorations focused on bowling.

5) Hit the Racetracks!

Satisfy your need to speed! Visit an indoor or outdoor raceway for thrills that will last a lifetime. Raceways offer corporations, companies, and small businesses fun options for corporate events. They are the perfect solution for companies looking to inspire their employees and colleagues with a team building atmosphere that is unforgettable. Racing cars is wonderful for team building and getting your team to have fun in a competitive way.