What is a Key to the City Event? A Key to the City event is a great ceremony that honors a dignitary, valued member of the community, or a celebrity who is coming to the area.

The gesture of bestowing the award of the town’s trust comes from the ancient Roman tradition “Freedom of the City”. During this service, the recipient would receive a “freedom box”, which is a small gold box.

The United States altered the tradition from a freedom box to a key to the city, though the symbolic meaning is roughly still the same, as the key represents the trust given to the recipient to have the freedom to come and go as they please, with no worries from the town of an attack or betrayal. 

This event has become prominent all over the world, but most prevalent in the U.S., and as the number of these ceremonies grows, the more in demand the prestigious key is. 

But where do you purchase a Key to the City? Well, Golden Openings, of course! We have a wide variety of ceremonial keys, from regular key size to 80 INCH KEYS.

In this series, we will break down a variety of unique keys we manufacture that will make your event truly the best.

For Volume 1, we will begin with the keys that make the biggest impression, Giant Keys.

These elegant keys mix a historic look, with a modern twist with options in gold and silver stainless steel.

The key is 3 foot long, with the widest part being 15 inches.

If you want to add your own personal touch to this key, we can add your logo or text in vinyl.

Our 2 Foot Ceremonial Keys come in a variety of styles and will make your Key to the City event come alive. 

You can choose from a variety of styles to match your event colors and theme. The styles available are; Stainless Steel – The key has a brushed-polished finish. Chrome-Plated – Plated over durable 11-gauge stainless steel, Gold-Plated – Plated over durable 11-gauge stainless steel, Custom Color Painted – Painted on both sides with your color of choice, or Custom Vinyl Wrapped – Vinyl wrapped design over the entire key.

All of these versions can be customized with decals, while the Stainless can be engraved. 

Our largest ceremonial key is sure to be a conversation piece.
The key is made of lightweight metal and is 80 inches long, is 35.5 inches at its widest point, and weighs 5 lbs.

It is available in 19 different styles and can be any color you’d like. 

You can customize to your liking with a vinyl decal.

This smaller realtor key is great for photos and for realtor or architecture recipients.

Our realtor key is available in two sizes, 36 inches and 44 inches long.

This oversized key is made of brushed lightweight metal.

This key is also available in 19 styles and can be customized on both sides with a vinyl decal.

Interested in a different size? We can make these in any size up to 80 inches.

If you love the look of the realtor key but want something lightweight, then this is the perfect key. 

This key is 1/16-inch-thick and only weighs 1 ounce.

The Kwikset key is completely customizable from color to the design on the key.

Both the Custom Kwikset Keys and Giant Metal House Realtor Keys are used by realtors every day. They pose with their families, outside of their new homes, saying, JUST SOLD, or WELCOME HOME, with the realtor’s logo or name on the key. These make for a perfect Instagram post for realtors and home buyers alike. 

These keys are perfect if your recipient is in the auto industry or a car nut!

These keys come in three different styles: Square Shaped, Oval Shaped, and Round Shaped.

All of these keys are available in both wood and lightweight metal, as well as 36 inch and 44 inches sizes.
If you want an even bigger version, just contact us and we can make it happen.

They can be custom painted and altered with vinyl decals.

We even believe it literally helps “sell the car”. Besides the giant bow used during the holiday season to gift a new ride, the new car owner gets to pose and take photos with an oversized branded “Key to their New Ride” and then share it with all their friends on social media showing they are the proud new owners of a car!

If you’re looking for something that’s unique only to your brand, we also make custom keys to the city!

If none of these styles caught your interest, we have so many more available! In Volume 2, we will go over our medium size keys, which are bigger than your average key, but smaller than the keys above.

For more information about our ceremonial key selection or for help ordering, contact [email protected] or contact 1-800-378-3630