When opening your conference, trade show or convention, you should always do so with a bang, leaving a memorable first impression on your attendees.

There is no better way to do so, then with a ribbon cutting

When people begin lining up for your event and the doors are about ready to open or just opened, the spectacle of a ribbon cutting ceremony will make them feel as though they are part of something truly special.

Your speech, before cutting, will get your guests fired up with lots of positive energy, bring lots of smiles and laughs.
Along with creating a fun moment for your guests, having an opening ribbon cutting ceremony is a great way to show your appreciation to everyone that helped your convention become a success - your company vendors, employees, family, friends and more (and who doesn’t LOVE big scissors).

Make sure to allow for photo opportunities before you actually cut the ribbon. This will make a great photo-op for your pre-promotional purposes, website, social media, live news stations, a press release or a photographer from the media could get the perfect shot for an article they are writing about the event.

We highly recommend getting a wide width, custom ceremonial ribbon with your conference, trade show or convention name and the date printed on it (or at least the year ), big and bold, so you have it in photos, forever. The perfect and complete ceremonial look can be found in our  “Conference, Trade Show, Convention Ribbon Cutting Kit”.
We also rent the giant scissors that cut, if your convention is not annual.  NOW you are ready to open your conference doors in style!