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Show Stopping Gold Plated Flat Ceremonial Shovel
Show Stopping Gold Plated Flat Ceremonial Shovel

Show Stopping Gold Plated Flat Ceremonial Shovel

Part Number:GB0002.-2


You will enjoy celebrating your groundbreaking and sharing the photos of these high-quality unique steel shovels that are hand gold plated to give a beautiful mirrored-finished shine.

These special shovels feature a flatter surface to allow for a nice big area for decals or engraving. We can fit an image on 95% of the face, which is the largest surface area on the market. These shovels have a slight curve to give the look and impression of a real shovel, but not enough to ruin its actual flat shape.

Most of our customers prefer decals over engraving, ask us why. Our examples are of vinyl decals.

This digging blade measures 8-3/4"W x 14"L with a flat step. You can select a straight or D-Handle below. The D-Handle has chrome connecting the top of the handle to the stem. The long handle is all wood. The total length of 41" on the D-Handle and 49" on the straight handle.

Customization can be added below. You can add a decal or engraving on the digging portion, branded words or logo lasered into the handle or an engraved gold plate attached to the handle or stem. Choose one, two, or all three of these options for your customized shovels. We can also paint the handle and stem any color of your choice.

Instead of painting or branding, wrap the shovel stem or handle with your business color and logo (see Hershey photo). Original idea and design by Golden Openings (patent pending).

For customization with Vinyl Decals, Vinyl Wraps, or Embedding, these are the sizes for each area that can be customized:

Blade Customization Area Size: 7" H x 6" W
Stem Customization Area Size: 13" H x 5" D
Handle Customization Area Size: 4" W x 4" D

Packed with TLC in our special custom molded styrofoam box to arrive safe and sound to you.

Ask us about ground breakings, we do them every week and will teach you everything you need to know! We not only make our own products but plan events too.

We will beat or match any price! 

To add more than one logo or artwork, contact [email protected] (fees may vary).

For more information, customization, bulk pricing or rental contact us at 1-800-378-3630

*When you purchase any items that are customized, we will send a pdf proof to your email for approval before printing. Revisions can be made. Once you love it, we will require your signature agreeing to our policy that custom items may not be returned. Thank you.*
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